Devices for measuring pulses in any range

Custom Pulse-measurement Devices

What if your pulses are unusual and a standard AFT FROG device doesn’t work? Contact us. Let AFT design and build one for you.

Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) is the first technique of its kind to accurately measure the intensity and phase of ultrashort light pulses. FROGs have been used to measure ultrashort pulses in the IR, visible, UV, and, recently, x-ray regions of the spectrum. They measure pulses as short as attoseconds and as long as many picoseconds. FROGs can also measure a single pulse or average a large number of pulses, and it can measure complex pulses.

Advanced Femto Technology is well equipped to design a custom pulse-measurement device for unusual pulses and laser systems under development. Whether your pulses are longer than several picoseconds or whether they are in the UV or IR range, we can build a device for you.

We designed and built one device for measuring UV pulses (246nm). The device uses single-shot TG FROG geometry. A photograph of a representative device and a schematic of the device and the beam path are displayed below.
For more details, specifications, requirements, and the size of a device, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you with all device-related questions.



The single-shot TG FROG device measures 246nm pulses. The measured trace and the retrieved results appear below. The single-shot TG FROG also measures ~200fs pulses in the UV range with an error of about 0.5% and the agreement is good.



Information for other pulse measurement devices