Devices for measuring pulses in IR range (~1,550nm)

Standard models AFT 1550SFS and AFT 1550LPS tyfically measure pulses from Erbium-Doped Fiber Lasers which generate ultrashort pulses with a duration between 70 femtoseconds and a few picoseconds. In most cases, the pulse repetition rate is about ~MHz to ~10GHz. The models also measure pulses from ultrafast fiber laser systems whose wavelengths typically fall in the range of 1,500nm to 1,600nm. (The models are able to measure pulses between 1,400nm and 1,700nm.) in most cases from ~MHz to ~10GHz. Also, the models with a fiber coupler can easily measure pulses from a fiber laser system. (The iris on the models can be replaced with a fiber coupler which makes coupling much easier.)

The models use a single-shot FROG geometry and take a true single-shot measurement of pulses with a triggering system. For a true single-shot measurement, the pulses should be emitted from an amplifier system with a 1kHz or less repetition rate, say, one pulse or so per hour. In addition, the single-shot measurement technique can measure other pulse distortions (e.g., spatial chirp, pulse front tilt) that might originate from a pulse stretcher and/or a pulse compressor in an amplifier system. Pulse distortions can also be caused by unusual optics elements or pulse control systems.



Specifications of the models for ~1550nm pulses